Hi All,

MCSD is planning to have a workshop or two to help those who are interested in updating their resume and apply for the Canada Council for the Arts - Cultivate: Professional Development Grant. This is to apply for the Art of Managing Your Career taught by Heather Bishop.

The link to the grant page is: http://canadacouncil.ca/equity-office/find-a-grant/grants/cultivate-professional-development-grants

If you are interested, please let us know what evenings work best for you or if you prefer a Saturday.  MCSD Vice-president's email is vicepresidentmcsd@gmail.com

We want to do this well before the Cultivate deadline in November 2016. The course begins in January 2017 and the grant applications need to be in by late September at the latest.

We can do this in June or wait until early September. 

This is free for members of MCSD. You need to be a member to take advantage of this offer.