I hope this finds you well.  We'd love to invite you to our show Snack Music at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.  We're collaborating with American Sign Language interpreter Dawn-Marie Hildebrand to interpret the show this Friday at 2pm at the Rachel Browne Theatre, located at 211 Bannatyne Ave.  

In Snack Music, we tell true stories from our lives with puppetry and physical comedy.  We then invite a few willing audience members to tell a short true story from their own lives, and puppeteer the story for them with wordless object puppetry. 

We've collaborated with ASL interpreters for our shows in the past and really enjoyed being able to invite members of the Deaf Community to share in the show.  We're hoping a Deaf audience member might volunteer to share a story!

The show was created for adult audiences, but kids can come too, although there is a bit of racy content so we recommend for age 10 and up.  

Here is the review for Snack Music from CBC (5 STARS)

And here you'll find our website with a photo gallery and video trailer 

And below in the email, please find our press release with details and ticket info.  

Would you be able to help us spread the invitation to Winnipeg's Deaf Community?

Thanks, and take care   Ingrid Hansen