Good Day!

We are really pleased to announce this exciting event that is being hosted by Manitoba Cultural Society of the Deaf (MCSD) and Manitoba School for the Deaf (MSD). The presentation is about De’Via Art (Deaf View Image Art). 

Please join us with presenter Joanne Cripps, Executive Director and Co-­Founder of the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE and learn more about this vibrant art!  Mark down May 20, 2015 for 7:00-9:00 pm as the special date to come! The event is being held at the Manitoba School for the Deaf in the Multi-Purpose room.

If you have received this twice, my apologies.


Alice Crawford

Project Director


Hello everyone,


The MCSD held two De’Via workshops, one on May XX for the Deaf community and the other on May XX for the MSD students. It was a good workshop with the opportunity to learn about De’Via.  We would like to thank Joanna Cripps (Executive Director of the Deaf Culture Centre) for coming to Winnipeg and presenting about De’Via to the Deaf Community and to our MSD students. 

Photo credit by Alice Crawford

Photo credit by Alice Crawford