Member Benefits:   Why should I join????

As a member of MCSD you will be:

  • supporting the organization to promote Deaf culture and Deaf artists

  • supporting the advocacy efforts of MCSD to ensure equal access to Arts funding and skills development

  • you will be able to attend any courses or events that are being interpreted or have a graphic note taker because of the work of MCSD

  • revitalizing Manitoba’s Deaf arts community with events such as art shows, storytelling, and mime performances


Full year membership options:

January 1st - fiscal year for memberships each year.

Member (Voting) - $25.00  (Members must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing)

Associate member (non-voting) - $25.00 *Non-deaf who wants to support the organization

Organization (non-voting) - $100.00 

Youth 14 to 18 years old (non-voting) - $15.00


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Full Year Membership options: January 1st - Fiscal year for memberships each year. *
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