Rick Zimmer (President)

Rick Zimmer comes from a very large family; he has 10 siblings, 4 of which are also Deaf. He graduated from Manitoba School for the Deaf and went on to earn a Communication Arts degree from Gallaudet University. Rick is a long-time advocate and leader in the Deaf and communities with a passion to support and encourage growth in Deaf arts and the preservation and exposure of our language, ASL . He is currently the coordinator of the Deaf Studies and ASL-English Interpretation Programs at Red River College in Winnipeg, where he has taught for the past 26 years.



tim dans (Vice-President)



Sarah Klassen (Secretary)



Dianne Mondor (Treasurer)

She received her Business Administration Diploma with an Accounting Major in 1999.  Presently, she is employed by SMD Alliance as an Accountant II where she has worked for 16 years.  She has also been involved in a few community organizations, auditing/reviewing their financial reports.. Recently, she became the treasurer for MCSD.  She is looking forward to a rich experience and challenge.


Alice Crawford (Project director) 

Partially deafened at an early age, I spent two years at the school for the Deaf in Belleville before my family moved to Winnipeg. I still retained some words and the alphabet in spite of suppression of ASL by my parents. I have just enough ASL to get by and regret I was not allowed to maintain the language I learned in Belleville.

I am a printmaker and collage artist with a deep interest in accessibility to education for Deaf artists. My passion on this board is to enlighten government and policy makers about Deaf Culture. I hope to help make grants Deaf-friendly so Deaf artists grow in their arts practice and perhaps become future teachers for new generations of Deaf artists. MCSD has made this happen with 100 Decibels, a Deaf Mime Troupe and currently are working to make it happen for Deaf photographers. In the future, we will do the same for other arts disciplines so Deaf artists can reach their full potential.


Dianna Rasing(Liasion Director)




Dana Zimmer is a storyteller who speaks through her lens. Her photography is the stage on which her images sing, her sensitivity to subjectmatter whispers respect, and her content speaks volumes to her audience. the dialogue she invites through her art brings the deaf and hearing world together in a celebration of life. Dana is dedicated to providing photographic services which honour people's personal stories while offering artistic excellence.